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Michaela P., Sweden

Sylvia’s coaching has really helped me get my life back on track after a fairly rocky period. It’s been great for goal setting and prioritizing – for both daily priority management and setting the wheels in motion to achieve those bigger dreams!

Examining unconscious beliefs behind past patterns of behaviour has been really liberating! After three months of weekly sessions, I can already see and feel some major changes in my life.

Sylvia’s intuitive style is really personalized and tailored – the nature of our sessions could vary from week to week depending upon what I needed. Sylvia’s coaching can help you achieve what you want – and even work out what it actually is that you actually want!

Sometimes it seems like Sylvia is some sort of diviner working her magic – but it’s because she actually listens to what you are saying that you get back a lucid account of your own sometimes not so coherent jumble of wants, needs and desires. Sylvia is like a personal organizer of your thoughts. She takes the whole . jumbled pile and gives them back to you in a semblance of order!


Giselle Hyvoenen, Sweden

I´m sooo greatful for having Sylvia as a life coach! I said the other day that “she´ll NEVER get rith of me” and thats really how I feel.

I belive that everyone deserves a life coach! You really dont need to have problems or issues bothering your life or life style. The coaching it self just gives this extra spark, the extra kick or just the extra feeling that is so fantastic to feel!

Your thoughts makes a pattern and the pattern in the end becomes YOU. Who you are, how you act and how you respond to different things in your life.

She´s living in Barcelona and I am here in sweden so our classes takes place over the SKYPE 🙂 No limit thinking 🙂 )

I´ve been coached by Sylvia since the end of October. Where I am today I could´nt have been without her! Thats just the truth 🙂

Once a very good friend decorated my wall with this saying:

” Dont dream your life, LIVE YOUR DREAMS”

I´m doing it! And it just feels WOOOW!!! Thank you! I´m so greatful and thankful!


Dan N., UK

Sylvias coaching is precise, concise, clean and disciplined. She creates a safe, neutral yet powerful coaching space where I felt able to explore my own process and feel excited, inspired and resourceful. I’m left with conceptual and practical takeaways that I know will lead to some great outcomes for me.

Thanks Sylvia, the session has left me very energised with a great model, clarified out of my own process that makes me feel empowered to stick with my guns and take each step methodically and confidently. I felt the phrase “speak my truth” has emerged clearly for me and I’m writing this down in my big picture picture.

Brankica M., Germany

Für manche probleme braucht man lange Zeit, um eine Lösung zu finden. mit Sylvia ist nur eine Stunde erforderlich.

Sylvia ist eine sehr gute und aufmerksame zuhöherin. erkennt schnell zusammenhänge und kann zielgerichtet die störenden Blockaden aufdecken.
sie überzeugt mit geduld, kompetenz und enormen einfühlungsvermögen. es entsteht schnell das gefühl von vertrautheit und tiefer verbundenheit.

sylvia verhalf mir zu neuen erkenntnissen und ermutigte mich, alten denkweisen den rücken zu kehren. die zukunft steht offen und kann nun neu gestaltet werden. dafür danke ich der sehr freundlichen beraterin.

Fabiola Lora, Switzerland

Liebe Sylvia vielen dank!!! dein Coaching hat mir geholfen meine Reaktionen zu verstehen, es hat richtig spaß gemacht.
Es kommt mir immer noch wie ein Wunder vor, und ich neige eigentlich nicht zu enthusiastischen Ausbrüchen, dass ich aus einer tiefen Sackgasse heraus mich nicht nur im Denken, sondern auch im Handeln und Fühlen dahingehend ändern konnte (und dies in wenigen Coaching Stunden).Danke !!!!
PS: Sie hat mich behutsam an meine eigenen Blockaden geführt und mir gezeigt, wie ich sie annehmen und auflösen kann. Was mir besonders gefallen hat: Die Stimmung war immer positiv und optimistisch.

Catrin M, Sweden

Thank you Sylvie for giving me tools to question my negative way of thinking and turning it around to something useful. To me and to those around me, It all results in a better everyday and presence. And..everyday is a great day!

thanks again my friend!!

Randal Blanchette, Randal Blanchette Inc.

Sylvia was gracious enough to help me through a sticking point in my business by using a very specific methodology. In the session we moved through various challenges and it was revealed in the course that I had not considered all of my options fully. Without this insight I would have continued to get the same results over and over again. Now that I am aware of these, I expect to have marked increase in my ability to move my business forward. I fully and whole heartedly recommend her services and will personally recommend her to my friends and family. Yes, I trust her effectiveness that much. Thank you so very much Sylvia, you are one in a million.

Ellie Savva, London

The coaching I did with Sylvia helped me hugely, when everything around me seemed to be going wrong. Being coached on how to take responsibility for my thoughts, prepared me to be proactive and take responsibility for my actions. Thanks to Sylvia’s coaching I have the ability to acknowledge my thoughts and ultimately accept them.


Rob Brinded, Barcelona

I have been seeking help from Sylvia over the past year whenever I have been under pressure with my business.
Sylvia is like a stable rock for me when I am in a storm and look forward to working with her for a long time in the future.
Thank you Sylvia… you are a gem 🙂


If you feel that also you can benefit from Coaching, then please send me an email to

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Hope to speak to you soon…

Yours, Sylvia