How does Working Less and Earning More sound to you?

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During my 5 years of coaching I have come across many clients who I’ve helped set up or improve their business. Whilst I was already doing my coaching and personal training sessions online they were restricting their business potential to people nearby, sometimes in small towns with a limited number of potential customers.

In other cases I saw that my clients were traveling more then half of the year, working crazy hours, sleeping little and trying to make more money by spending excessive time in the office.

The internet age has changed how to make business, especially in the last 20 years and makes it easier to stay and get in touch with friends and clients on all continents. If you haven’t done the change to an online business yet you’re missing out on millions of customers and millions of $.

What I do!

Püls Pro Solutions S.L. is my ‘Local to Online Business’ Company which enables you to move your local business to an online presence which will open a whole new world to you. There are millions of customers all over the world waiting for you and what you have to offer, whether it’s products or services.

I teach you how to improve your business so that you can sell your offer easily and effortlessly online even when you’re asleep. That’s right, work less and earn more is my motto! (That’s how I live my life anyway…)

Who it’s for!

This is for you if you…

  • are a future oriented business owner/company
  • love the idea of working less and earning more
  • are willing to make some clever changes in your business
  • know your business hasn’t reached its full potential yet and want to make it happen
  • you value your freedom and want to spend more time with your loved ones

How I do it!

It starts with us talking about your business to find out

  • what you’re doing in/with your business at the moment
  • what your goals are
  • what strategies to implement in the near future
  • what the best way for your business is to make it all happen
  • what my role and what your role will be while we’re working together

keep-calm-and-hire-a-virtual-assistant-10You might need to unpack the full ‘Local to Online Business’ course package or you might simply want to hand over some tasks to me as your Personal Assistant and free yourself up knowing that you have a reliable and trustworthy person who takes care of your online business and customers.

Once the strategy is in place I help you to set up your online business (e.g. website, membership, sales process for your products/services, email marketing system etc. …whatever it is you’re missing!) and I will show you how to use your mostly automated system to maximize your business potential while minimizing the time you put into it.

Softwares and systems I’ve worked with!

  • Dreamhost, Hostgator
  • Wordpress
  • Aweber, Mailchimp
  • 1Shopping cart, Ultracart, Stripe
  • Ontraport
  • GoToWebinar
  • and others

I consider myself a very quick learner and am confident that I will be able to adjust to the systems your’re using for your company at the moment if we both feel the need to continue working with these in the future.

How to move forward!

If you feel this is for you and you’d like to start increasing your income and reducing your work load/time contact me.

PRO Solutions stands for…

  • Professional Solutions
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Productive Solutions
  • Prolific Solutions
  • Problem-solving Solutions
  • Profitable Solutions
  • Project Solutions
  • Progress-oriented Solutions
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