goalsLife Coaching is essentially a conversation between me, the Coach and you, the coachee, starting with the aim of helping you to live a fulfilling life. This most often is achieved by helping:

A) Set goals that will add significantly to your life
B) To delete your blockages and limitations (often applying Energetics)
C) To achieve your goals

How do sessions look like?

Sessions are up to 60 minutes and are available
  • in person (Barcelona) and
  • on Skype
It´s essential to be in a quiet place and not to be disturbed during the Coaching process.

Who are your clients?

I find I´m coaching women in the 30-50 age range – Housewives and professionals. I love working with females who want to improve their relationship with their partners and/or with themselves (improve self esteem). I also enjoy helping my clients starting their business or transition from a local business to an online based company to work less and earn more.

What is Energetics and how can it help me delete blockages that keep me from achieving what I want?

Energetics combines ancient healing art with Western science and, just like Life Coaching it can be applied on any area of your life:
Woman Juggling Different Areas of Her Life
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health & Fitness
  • Life purpose/Career
  • Time management
The energetic technology that this method applies is to identify weaknesses and strengthen the person to them, while the negative effects accumulated throughout life are erased. So years and even decades of sadness, physical pain, limitations and conditions can be deleted.
As fast as you are able to delete files and folders from your computer I am able to change your weaknesses instantly, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual or psychic/empathetic.

What’s the cost?

To ensure lasting results I offer Life Coaching Packages for new clients. Each Coaching month has a cost of 370 Euros (4 sessions; one session per week) and has to be paid in advance via Paypal, cash or bank transfer. Afterwards you can decide whether to book another Package or do single sessions when needed for 100 Euros each.

How to start?

Email me at sylvia@sylviacoaching.com and we’ll set up your first session. You’re only a couple of steps away from changing your life to the one you’ve always wanted!