No matter what issue you´re experiencing there is always a solution to your problem and as your Coach I will help you to…

A) Set goals that will add significantly to your life
B) Delete your blockages and limitations
C) Achieve your ultimate goals
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When you feel stuck in your life it´s possible that your own mind is blocking you from the answers that are actually right in front of you. I´m going to show you how your beliefs are causing your problems, how you can change your beliefs to get what you want and that all of this is possible in a fast and lasting way

Do you feel stuck?

¨We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them¨ (Einstein)
Your own beliefs are causing your problems and keep you in situations you don´t want to be in.

You can change!

It´s in your own hands to resolve anything that´s blocking you from being where you want to be. You can change your thinking so that actions become effortless and you achieve the results that you´re after with ease.

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I guide you to uncover your beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your true potential! And it works surprisingly fast. You will see and feel the difference within the first session!

  • Sylvia’s intuitive style is really personalized and tailored – the nature of our sessions could vary from week to week depending upon what I needed. Sylvia’s coaching can help you achieve what you want – and even work out what it actually is that you actually want!.–Michaela P, Sweden

  • Where I am today I could´nt have been without her! Thats just the truth–Giselle H., Sweden

  • Sylvias coaching is precise, concise, clean and disciplined. She creates a safe, neutral yet powerful coaching space where I felt able to explore my own process and feel excited, inspired and resourceful.–Dan N., UK